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Strange political polls

I've been reading the results of a lot of political surveys recently as part of my political interest/hanging out at home doing almost nothing. This is by far one of the strangest polls I've seen so far:
  • More people under 40 have sex at least once a week than vote for president once every four years.
  • 25% of all Republicans and 35% of all Democrats have had more than 10 sexual partners in their lifetime -- a higher percentage than vote in congressional and local elections.
  • 55% of Republicans have sex at least once a week, compared with just 43% of Democrats.
  • 14% of Thompson supporters and 12% of Obama supporters claim to have sex "almost every day." Just 5% of Clinton and Giuliani supporters have sex that frequently.
  • On average, Republicans say they were 18.4 years old when they first had sex. Independents were 17.6 and Democrats were 17.5.
  • 58% of respondents think Bill Clinton was the sexiest president of the past 40 years; Ronald Reagan is second, with 22%.
  • 38% say Richard Nixon was the least sexy; Bill Clinton is second, with 18%.
  • 23% of all Republicans and 24 percent of all Democrats would "definitely" or "probably" say yes to a one-night stand in the Oval Office with a president they found physically and sexually attractive.
  • 51% of all Republicans and 67% of all Democrats have watched porn with their sexual partners.
  • 55% of people who attend church every week consider themselves to be "sexually adventurous."
  • Americans of both parties say they are more turned on by intelligence than by physical appearance.
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Instead of studying...

I have a math final tomorrow...but instead of studying...I'll post this quote I found said earlier today when the Senate was debating wiretaps:

“The civil libertarians among us would rather defend the constitution than protect our nation’s security.” - Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama

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How's this for random?

The poem on our IB English HL exam was written by Lucinda Roy, from Wikipedia:

Currently, she is the Director of Creative Writing at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, and was named Alumni Distinguished Professor of English. She is also the Vice President of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs.

Roy received some attention in April 2007 when, after the Virginia Tech massacre, it was revealed that she had in 2005 recognized spree shooter Seung-Hui Cho's behavior and writings. She warned campus authorities about him at that time, but as Cho had not made any specific threats, the authorities could take no action.
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So a snow day on Wednesday seems to be in order...prediction of 8 to 12 inches for Tuesday night. This better not disappear or Mother Nature and I are in a fight.